night maze

  • When does the night maze begin?  At dusk.
  • Is the night maze open tonight?  If our closing time is after dusk then the night maze is open!  Hours.
  • We close the entrance to the maze at our posted closing time.  Hours.
  • When do you actually close?  We go home when the last person gets out!

After dusk starting in October, MissoulaMaze goes ‘clueless’ for the ultimate challenge. All the clues and markers are removed so you will be able to say you got out all on your own.

Bring a flashlight, or feel your way along without one. The hay bales really muffle any sounds making for a unique experience. The maze is not haunted.  Any frights you experience in the night maze will be when your friends jump out at you!


Mazemaster Tips for the Night Maze:

  • Prepare to get lost.
  • Bring a flashlight and sturdy shoes.
  • Arrive about 20 minutes before dark.
  • Check out the petting zoo and obstacle course.
  • Pick a pumpkin while you can still see.
  • Go get lost!